Brake Pad Manufacturers and Factory

Brake Pad

Brand : GJJ

Product origin : Liaoning, China

Delivery time : 7-15 days

Supply capacity : 100 Piece/Pieces per Month

Passenger Hoist Spare Parts, such as reducer, the worm gear and worm, motor, coil, brake assembly, jianke institute for machine, universal for device, driving pinion, roller, backrest wheel, brake pads, limit switch, stop being overweight, speed limiter, standard section,, pulley, slide shaft, hoist shafts, high strength bolt, hook (whole), connection, material lifting wheel, set of accessories, accessories, luffing cylinder attached to the wall, limiter, coupling, and the turbine, linkage, slewing reducer machine and accessories, all kinds of operation room, bearings, rod, poles, attached to the wall, etc.

The Brake Pad:

The brake block is a block of parts that is mounted on a cylindrical surface (or installed in the brake unit) on the outer cylinder of the pneumatic tube and is made of friction material.

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