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Calling System

Brand : GJJ, BAODA

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 3days after payment

Supply capacity : 5000pcs per month

Calling System is a wireless communication solution for goods/passenger hoists and lifts. Your overall service levels will be improve by decreasing response time. Since it is wireless, the system is unobtrusive to install and running costs are minimal.

Hoist elevator is used more and more commonly in the construction field. Construction workers on different floors usually get help from person in hoist elevator by beating the steel pipe attached on the wall, which is not safe and lack of position accuracy.

Now in order to manage the construction lift convenient and reasonably and to improve working efficiency, calling system is coming. This system is wireless, no need any label, easy installation; it has successfully solved the communication problem between construction workers and lift operator. It also sharply reduces the safe risk, and greatly improves the efficiency.

The construction workers could call the elevator operator to get assistance at any time by the wireless call system.


1. Micro-power wireless technology, environmental protection, no radiation;

2. Wireless design, no wiring, easy maintenance;

3. Identify call position accurately, and the call information effectively convey in 300 milliseconds;

4. Call data backup, storage, statistics, analysis, it is a good helper on quantitative management;

5. Rapid and effective response to emergencies;

Specification of IXD-G

1Audio Output:0-1.5W 
4Call type:single
5Distance:1500m open area
7Consumed Electricity:18mA 
8Power supply:9V
9Receiving Sensibility:-108dbm
10Output Power:≤10mw


Product Description

1.the description of the call system:

Intercome calling system mainly used on construction and temporaty hoist/elevators. It’s considered the industry standard in China, USA and Europe. Communication is critical to provide workers a way to contact the elevator operator in case of an emergency. When a worker is hurt or suffers a heart attack, seconds count to get medical attention to that person. Also as a general intercome system, allowing supervisors and workers to locate and communicate with each other. The down time that it takes to find personnel and to manage workers is reduced tremendously, thereby adding to the profit of the project.

Our wireless call system for building hoist is a new generation with high confidentiality, large storage space, stable performance and low power consumption. Meanwhile it doesn't need to use traditional skipped stitches or DIP switch coding, and just make host to learn wireless signals that lauched by wireless son host. If the son host is lost or broken, you can make another similar son host to learn with the host. It's very convenient.

2. characteristics of intercome calling system

1) All units interchangeable.

2) No antenna wire required

3) Two way communications.

4) Volume controlled car units.

5) Multiple frequency channels.

6) Emergency alarm switches on all units.

7) Operates in extreme weather conditions.

8) Backup battery power supply for car unit.

9) Heavy duty composite nylon plastic enclosure.

10) Up to 3 multiple frequency channels selection.

11) Microphone gain adjustment, for control of feedback.

12) Mute function, limits amount of Com units that broadcast.

3.Main technical parameters and indices:

Receiving frequency: 315.75MHz

Receiving sensitivity: -112Db

EMC anti-interference: strong

Error calibration: yes

Stand-by current: ≤70

Calling buzzer capacity: 99

Directive mode: voice report

4.Suppliers and parameters of main devices

Crystal SAW: Military

Capacitor, resistor: MURATA, Samsung original

Diode, triode: NEC Japan original

Inductor: TDK Japan original

Power module: RICOH Japan

Power amplifier: Toshiba Japan

Connector: Military

Transmitting antenna: Nickel plated bronze

Power supply level: 3C certification

Voltage input: 100V-240V broad range self-adaptive

Application environment, installation mode and compatibility

aplication environment: temperature -20°C~40°C, humidity ≤98%




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