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Door Pulley

Brand : Zoomlion, Yongmao, Potain, SYM, SCM, GJJ

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 25-30days after adance payment

Supply capacity : 2000sets/month

door pulley for passenger hoist


Construction elevators are often referred to as construction lifts, but the construction lifts include a broader definition, and the construction platform is also part of the construction lifts. Simple construction elevator is composed of car, drive mechanism, standard section, attached to the wall, chassis, fence, electrical system and other parts, is often used in construction manned cargo construction machinery, due to its unique structure of the box Its ride is comfortable and safe, construction elevator on the site is usually used with the tower crane,

General load in 1-3 tons,

Running speed of 1-60M / min, of which 33M / min frequency of the majority

Cage width: 1.3 meters, 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters.

Construction of the lift inside and outside the door pulley used in the cargo elevator inside and outside the door slot door fixed and guide.

Ordinary Q235B material, the general nylon material due to the frequency of work, frequent vibration, easy to crack in the process of breaking the shaft, the lack of lubrication in the case of easy dry grinding, resulting in damage,

Lotto company is now using Q235B material forging, stamping, hot galvanizing and other technology, greatly improve the service life, the quality is more reliable, compared to ordinary material door wheel, the following advantages:

First, the structure is reasonable, high strength, light weight, than the same specifications of the material pulley weight 20%.

Second, the rope groove surface smooth wear, and can be heat treatment to improve its hardness, thus extending the pulley life of 1-2 times.

Third, the amount of cutting is about 70% less than the casting pulley, thus saving a lot of material, reducing the processing time, and eliminate the long-term use of the deformation.

Fourth, according to the size of the manufacturers to produce different specifications of the varieties, to adapt to single or mass production.

5, high precision: radial runout of 1 / 1000D (D-pulley diameter), more than the West German standard DIN15063-77 5 / 1000D, lateral runout of 2 / 1000D than the Japanese standard 3 / 1000D.






Door pulley

Wooden case



Surface treatment

1.     High maching accuracy

2.     Wear resistant and long working life


Outline size(mm)

Assenbly height(L)


External diameter(D)


Pulley thickness(H)


Groove diameter(d)


Notch width(h0)


Inner bore(ø)


Bottom width of notch(h1)






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