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Emergency Stop Button

Brand : GJJ, BAODA

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 3days after payment

Supply capacity : 5000pcs per month

1. The metal pushbutton uses anti-floating operation head, so thai the pushbutton can’t be dismounted from front side;

2. All contacts own circuit transfer and sell-cleaning performance , which guarantees contact reliability even in low voltage and low current (5V, 5mA);

3. Normally open and normally closed contact sets are independent to each other, and it can be combined as per requirement during use for convenient replacement;

4. Concealed connection terminal is safer and more reliable. Metall pushbutton operation head and base use Zn- AI alloy, which is beautiful and firm ;

5. BA9s lamp holder is used for all illuminated pushbutton and signal lamp , different light source can be used as per requirement.

Rated insulation voltageUi (V)380
conventional thermal current Ith (A)10
Power frequency with stand voltage2500V Ac, One minute
Contact resistance≤500mΩ (initial value)
Mechanical lifeFlush,mushroom head type 1,000,000 times,illuminated type 300,000 times,others 100,000 times
Electrical lifeFlush,mushroom head type,double pushbutton AC 500,000 times,DC 200,000 times,others 100,000 times
Level of protectionIP40
Rated operating voltage Ue(V)
Rated operating current Ie (A)AC-152.54.568-

Rated voltage(V)Direct typeResistance typeTransformer type
Light source6122448110220380220220380
LED Light-----
Neon lamp------
Incandescence light-


1. Air temperature range: -5℃—40℃, the average temperature ≤35℃

2. Altitude height no more than 2000min used place

3. Air condition when the highest temperature is 40℃, relatively humidity is no more than 505, allowed to have hgiher relative humidity under lower. For example, when 20℃. the relative humidity is 90%. Furthermore, considering that is sometimes appears moderate condensation on product's surface.

4. Class of pollution: III

5. Class of installation: II


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