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Hammerhead Tower Crane

Brand : SYM

Product origin : China(mainland)


Supply capacity : 200SETS/YEAR


QTZ145(6015) hammerhead tower crane

hoisting : 45kw LVF motor

trolleying: 4kw LVF motor

slewing : 95N/M moment motor

Tip load:1.5Ton

Jib length:60m

Free height:59.80m

TC6015 (H60/15) is a model of large self-telescoping tower crane slewing from which is designed and manufactured by SYM.It is an up-to-date designed model with reliable perfromance.The panel structured is easy to erect and Transport.

TC6015 (H60/15) can be rail-travelling ,Stationary,inter-climbing type to the building.Its maximum lifting capacity is 10Ton

General introduction of tower crane main mechanisms .

( 1 ) Main raw material of tower crane’s body and tower-cap are 16 Manganese,Q345B Steels , which are selected from heavy wall seamless steel pipe manufactured by Ansteel Steel Group.

( 2 ) Hoisting mechanism " Jiuhe " and " Yibin " brand are provided by national-level manufacturer. To adopt eddy current brake,four-speed winding hoist.

( 3 ) Slewing bearing : appointed corporation of Fangyuan Slewing Bearing Factory .

( 4 ) Slewing mechanism : equipped with four-speed winding motor and "Shengjian " brand, the quality is the same with exporting supplier "Potain " .

( 5 ) Luffing mechanism is double-speed cone rotor motor, so It’s needn't refill gear lubricant or maintenance , and double-planetary reducer.

( 6 ) Electrical apparatus system : The main contactor is from Schneider or Siemens. The operating system is a high-quality product (Schneider integrated pellet ) ,which provided by Sanmen Sangang ,and is durable in use.

( 7 ) Welding : welding is carbon-dioxide shielded and automatic submerged arc welding. Feature: advanced technology,strong connectivity.

( 8 ) Driver cab : With arc space capsule , toughened glass , wide field of vision , clear and safe ,auto wiper, air conditioner.

( 9 ) Basic mast section : square strengthened steel, repeatedly applicable, convenient in tower crane displacement. But lower in cost.

steel pretreatment

steel cutting and blanking

machining operation

Blended welding

steel coating

finished product packing

Components description

Mast: the main supporting tower of the crane. It is made of steel trussed sections that are connected together during installation.

Slewing unit: the slewing unit sits at the top of the mast. This is the engine that enables the crane to rotate.

Operating cabin: the operating cabin sits just above the slewing unit. It contains the operating controls.

Jib: the jib, or operating arm, extends horizontally from the crane. A "luffing" jib is able to move up and down; a fixed jib has a rolling trolley that runs along the underside to move goods horizontally.

Counter jib: holds counterweights, hoist motor, hoist drum and the electronics.

Hoist unit: the hoist unit houses the hoist drum, hoist cable, gear box, gear shift, brake, and supporting components.

Hook: the hook (or hooks) is used to connect the material to the crane. It hangs at the end of thick steel cables that run along the jib to the motor.

Weights: Large concrete counterweights are mounted toward the rear of the mast, to compensate for the weight of the goods lifted.

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Packing & Delivery terms

1. Hoist and electric parts will be packed by plywood crate, for avoiding the demage from goods crash and impact during the delivery.

2. Girders and other main parts will be packed by plastic woven cloth, for preventing rust from soppy condition during the transportation.

3. Only the best transport solution will be taken for saving your cost uttermost on finance, security and time.



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