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Brand : SYM, Yongmao

Product origin : Liaoning, China

Delivery time : 15 days after receiving payment

We supply qtz 125 tower crane electric trumpet horn as well as other tower crane spare parts with good quality, competitive price, short delivery and professional service。

The working principle of the basin-shaped electric horn is the same as that of the spiral electric horn. Electromagnet with a spiral structure, the core around the excitation coil, the upper and lower core air gap in the middle of the coil, it can produce a greater suction. It is no speaker, but will be on the core, diaphragm and resonance board mounted on the central axis. When the circuit is connected, the excitation coil produces suction, the upper core is sucked down and hit the lower core, resulting in a lower basic frequency, and encourage the diaphragm and diaphragm together into a resonance board resonate, resulting in more than the basic frequency Much stronger, and the distribution is more concentrated homophonic. In order to protect the contacts, some pot-shaped speakers in the contacts are also connected in parallel between the arc capacitor.


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