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Brand : GJJ

Product origin : Liaoning, China

Delivery time : 15 days after receiving payment

Supply capacity : 100000 pcs/ month

Metal lock will be smelting, gold and silver copper and iron, casting casting, cutting cutting materials, welding riveting mosaic, drilling drilling, filing and other metal polishing process.

Zinc alloy material, its strength and anti-rust ability worse, but its advantage is easy to make complex patterns of parts, especially the pressure casting. The market see more complex patterns of locks are likely to be zinc alloy to do, consumers should carefully identify.


Copper is one of the most widely used lock materials, its mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and processing performance are good, and bright color, smooth surface, good density, no pores, trachoma. Both solid and rust, can be used to plated 24K gold or gold and other surface treatment

Steel, good strength, low cost, but easy to rust, generally used as a lock internal structure of the use of materials, not for external decoration pieces.

Aluminum or aluminum alloy, ordinary aluminum alloy (except for aerospace) soft and light, the strength of the material at the end, but easy to shape.

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