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Master Controller

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Master Controller

The traditional construction lifts are used to drive the motor voltage, but with the inverter in a wide range of industries in a wide range of applications, more and more people gradually began to pay attention to the application of the inverter. At present, the frequency conversion construction of the inverter used in the power range is usually 37 ~ 90kW, for some high-speed lifts, the power of up to 110kW.

In the construction industry, the rapid development of today, the number of variable frequency construction lifts are also growing, the proportion of construction lifts are also higher and higher, is the construction of a major trend of upgrading the lift. Compared with the traditional construction lifts, frequency conversion construction of the main lift has the following advantages:

1, compared to the frequency of the starting mode, the use of inverter control motor start significantly reduce the motor starting current to ensure the safe operation of the motor to extend the motor life;

2, can achieve the motor speed stepless speed regulation, when the motor running at 50Hz above the high frequency, improve the efficiency of the lift, when the motor running at low frequencies, making leveling alignment becomes more accurate and easier.

3, in the lift start, stop, run all the work phase, can achieve a smooth operation, the human body comfort was significantly higher, reducing the gear racks, brakes and other mechanical parts of the impact, an increase of its service life;

4, its running stability is basically not affected by grid voltage fluctuations, and as low as 280V supply voltage, but also to ensure that the lift full load operation;

5, the smooth operation of the lift from the power grid fluctuations, but also in the grid fluctuations in the site of the site, there will be no lift can not start or burn the motor phenomenon;

6, the motor and reducer generally installed in the cage top, saving the cage space, so that the use of space within the cage larger.

Frequency control construction lift performance characteristics:

1, running smoothly, no impact, ride comfort strong.

2, the speed can be adjusted to start using low-speed, normal operation using high-speed, improve work efficiency.

3, the starting current is less than the rated working current, the power supply equipment requirements are lower.

4, start the moment gear and rack drive impact is small, effectively reduce the moving parts wear and tear, the motor brake frequency converter and motor brake coordination action, the motor low speed brake, brake disc wear greatly reduced, extended brake disc Reduced service life.

5, full load rise of the working current and the general lift is basically the same, no load or light load rise and fall when the working current is very small, can save more than 30% of energy, energy saving and environmental protection effect is remarkable.

6, the use of hardened surface reducer, compact structure, high transmission efficiency, bearing capacity, long service life

SC200 / 200 construction lift gear rack drive, using domestic and foreign advanced technology, after years of digestion, innovation, innovative design, reasonable structure, easy operation, easy assembly and disassembly, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable work. Standard section specifications can be divided into 650 × 650 × 1508, 800 × 800 × 1508 two specifications, the structure of the SC200 / 200 two drives, SC200 / 200 three drive on the home and frequency control and other specifications. The equipment for the bridge, chimneys, buildings and other high-rise building construction personnel and material transport, can also be used as a warehouse terminal, etc., as a vertical transport use.

The main structure of the lift is made of Q345B material. The standard section adopts the automatic stamping production line and the automatic welding technology of the robot. The rest of the structural parts are treated with argon and carbon dioxide mixed gas protection welding technology. The weld appearance is beautiful and reliable, the equipment life is improved, All parts are used pickling, phosphating treatment process, heating and drying after the use of automatic painting line process for spraying, the standard section can be selected hot-dip galvanizing process, good corrosion resistance, economic use.

Gear Reducer Two drive lifts PLC control system, with a delay control function, to stop, start the impact of reduced, smooth operation, and with fault self-diagnosis function, easy maintenance. Transmission board, the safety of the bottom plate using CNC machine tools, the hole position is good, high precision, the surface using spray technology, the use of dense longer. Fence door frame with advanced structure, the door is not easy to deformation rigid, to ensure smooth opening of the fence door, while installation, transportation, storage convenience.

Safety and structural parts control part of the company has a number of patented technology, for transmission, gear, back wheel, wheel and other factors affecting the smooth operation of the machine to further improve the manufacturing accuracy and improve ride comfort, stability, safety and reliability, Reduce the number of user maintenance. The main electrical components using Schneider brand, the products are manufactured through strict technical testing and machine testing to ensure product quality.

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