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Product origin : Liaoning, China (Mainland)

Delivery time : About 3-7 Days After Receiving T/T Down Payment

Supply capacity : 100000 Set/Sets Per Month

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Low Price 25Kw Braking Resistor for Tower CraneLow Price 25Kw Braking Resistor for Tower Crane


Resistors are commonly referred to as resistors in their daily lives. Is a current limiting element, the resistor connected to the circuit, the resistance of the resistor is fixed is generally two pins, it can limit the current through its branch of the current size. Resistance can not be changed as a fixed resistor. Resistance variable called the potentiometer or variable resistor. The ideal resistor is linear, that is, the instantaneous current through the resistor is proportional to the applied instantaneous voltage. A variable resistor for partial pressure. On the exposed resistors, press one or two removable metal contacts. The contact position determines the resistance between either end of the resistor and the contact.

The magnitude of the resistance of the resistive element is generally related to the temperature, material, length, and cross-sectional area. The physical quantity that measures the magnitude of the resistance by the temperature is the temperature coefficient, which is defined as the percentage change in resistance when the temperature rises by 1 ° C. The main physical characteristic of the resistance is that the electric energy is the heat energy, and it can be said that it is a kind of energy consuming element, and the electric current passes through it to produce the internal energy. Resistance in the circuit is usually the role of partial pressure, shunt. For the signal, the AC and DC signals can pass through the resistor.



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SYM HOIST & TOWER CRANE QUIPMENT CO.,LTD located in Shenyang China is one of the biggest supplier and export of tower crane, luffing crane , topless crane , passenger hoist along with the spare parts for them. With 20 years' experience on tower crane rent , installation , repair and reconstruction, the company has more than 50 experienced mechanical and electrical engineer responsible for the installation guide, failure diagnosis, maintainance and reconstruction for the tower crane at the construction site.
Having a long-term and good cooperative relationship with China's most famous manufacturer of tower crane and passenger hoist like YONGMAO, SANYO, Sichuan SCM, Zoomlion, GJJ, BAODA,etc. The company can offer you the best quality original tower crane and passenger hoist with most competitive price.


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