Screw Manufacturers and Factory


Brand : GJJ

Product origin : Liaoning, China

Delivery time : 7-15 days

Supply capacity : 100 Piece/Pieces per Month

Screws: mechanical parts, cylindrical threaded fasteners with nuts.A fastener consisting of two parts of the head and the screw (the cylinder with the external screw) shall be fitted with the nut to tighten the connection of two parts with a pass hole.This form of connection is called Screwed connection.If you screw the nut from the Screw, you can separate the two parts, so the Screw connection is a removable connection.

Screws have a lot to say, everyone's name may be different, some people call it screws, some people are called Screws, some people are called fasteners.Although there are so many words, but the meaning is the same, all are Screws.Screwed Screws are common parlance for fasteners.The Screw is the physics and mathematical principle of the circular rotation and friction of the inclined surface of the object, and the tool of the object is gradually fixed.


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