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Brand : GJJ

Product origin : Liaoning, China

Delivery time : 7-15 days

Supply capacity : 100 Piece/Pieces per Month

A spring is a mechanical part that USES elasticity to work.The parts made of elastic materials have deformation under the action of external forces, removing external forces and restoring the original form.It's also a spring.It is usually made of spring steel.Spring is a kind of complex variety, according to the shape, there are spiral spring, vortex coil spring, plate spring, heterotype spring, etc.

Buffer spring in spring seat connected to the base frame, so that when hanging cage fall accidents, reduce the impact of the hanging basket, at the same time ensure crane cage and weight drops landed into flexible contact, slow down the hoisting cage and the impact of weight landing.The buffer spring has a cone coil spring and a cylindrical helical spring.Usually, there are two or three cone winding springs or four cylindrical helical springs on the corresponding base of each cage.

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