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Trolley Motor Fan

Brand : Wuxi ShuangChao, Fushi, Wuxi Xianglongxin, SYM, YONGMAO, ZOOMLION

Product origin : Liaoning, China (Mainland)

Delivery time : About 3-7 Days After Receiving T/T Down Payment

Supply capacity : 10000 Set/Sets Per Month

We supply blower fan accessories 95 n/m trolley motor fan l-045 as well as other spare parts for tower crane and passenger hoist with good quality, competitive price, short delivery and professional services.

Although the motor fan has a high reliability, but it is still mechanical devices, in the long-term use, the speed may drop or even stop, so the best running of the fan real-time monitoring, easy to find the problem. Use the alarm sensor to give the alarm signal when the fan speed is below a certain threshold, and the speed signal output can realize the real-time monitoring of the fan speed. The alarm signal output from the fan circuit is "high" and "low" two states, the two levels of the general meaning of the system according to the positive logic, high level that "failure", "low" Said "normal". The speed signal output from the fan circuit is usually in the form of a pulse, and each wave indicates that the fan has been turned over a circle. Such a signal can be directly supplied to the host via the data bus for display. Some fan output speed signal is not the real speed of the fan, but the speed of multiple, such as each turn a circle to produce two, four or six pulses, must be processed to form a real fan to reflect the speed signal. To determine whether the fan speed is true speed or a multiple, you can use the tachometer to measure the actual speed, and then compare with the displayed data. The fan speed signal is generally output from the three-wire plug, the three leads in the yellow and black, respectively + 12V power and ground, another color line is the speed signal output line. It should be noted that the third lead of some three-lead fans is not the speed signal output line, but the speed control signal line, through which the fan motor input speed control signal.

1 see random file

Motor fans are equipped with manual, product certification, electrical circuit diagram and packing list, to check the packing list, check the parts.

2 look at the motor fan shape

Carefully check the motor fan cover and fan blades for significant deformation. Turn the fan, should be light and flexible, should not always stop in the same position.

3 see start performance

Start performance is an important quality of motor fan quality indicators. When testing, in the slow speed, power supply rated voltage of 85%, the motor fan should be able to start from the static, and the normal operation of a motor fan from start to normal operation of the shorter time required, the motor fan start performance better The

4 to see speed performance

After power is applied, the fan mechanical transmission section should not have abnormal noise. Fan in high, medium and low speed operation, the motor and fan should be smooth, small vibration, low noise. Motor fan shaking his head, shut down should be agile, no intermittent, stagnation and jitter phenomenon.

5 to see if the leakage

Motor fan power, hand touch if Ma feel, test with a pen test, test pen also glow display, can determine the shell leakage, can not be.

6 to see the continuous operation of the motor fan

Fan fan running continuously for 2 hours, if the nose shell surface hot, indicating that the temperature is too high, can not be used. Under normal circumstances, the nose shell surface temperature below 50 ℃, should not have the feeling of hot.





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